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Tents and canopies in all shapes & sizes

Our tents and
canopies are new,
clean and elegant.

They come in different sizes & shapes,
ranging from six (6) feet in width to
eighty (80) feet in width and can be
expanded to virtually any length.

We specialize in offering a free site survey to all our customers. At your request we will send a professional consultant to advise you on your specific space requirements and provide you with the most desirable options.

We will help you visualize your event by creating an individualized blueprint with our computer-aided design (CAD) program.

Fiesta Frame Tents

Fiesta frame tents are versatile structures that can be installed on porches, tennis courts, grassy areas, decks and practically any outdoor living space. They consist of a vinyl top stretched over a metal frame, without a center pole.

High Peak Frame Tents

High peak tents are individual modular tents and can be connected to create various shapes and configurations. They offer an elegant form with their smooth, graceful lines.

Century Pole Tents

Century tents are the most popular choice for your gala event with their soaring peaks and graceful swoops. These premium century pole tents will create a beautiful backdrop for your photos and enhance your event with grace, elegance and stature.

Cloth Sail Tents

The translucence of the cloth sail fabric enhances any daytime event with the warmth of natural light, and elegantly glows when lit for evening gatherings.


Walkways are used to keep your guest dry as they move between tents or between the house and the tent. Walkways also add a finished look to the overall presentation of your event.

Tent Accessories

No event is complete without the finishing touches that enhance the beauty of your environment and make your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Your style of celebration
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